The value proposition of United Pepper is Design, Technology and Green. United Pepper’s portfolio relies on a combination of  technology and natural and/or green materials. The products come from our own creation or designed and developed on customer demand. 


Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility, increase your business profitability by integrating new environmental, social and economic practices through sustainability.

Managed Services for Enterprise include:

  • Analysis of your company’s situation and potential
  • Strategies to cultivate your company’s sustainability and improve your business performance

Do not hesitate to contact us and to challenge our programs and products in view of your own objectives. 

About United Pepper

When United Pepper was founded, its goal was to bring to market attractively designed and innovative technology products. These products need to represent a significant improvement with regards to their ecological footprint compared to traditional products. Additionally the customer needs to be offered the choice to acquire products that make sure the distribution of wealth between the North and the South is addressed in both an acceptable and accepted manner.

Managed Services for Enterprise are being introduced to facilitate the Enterprise Customers in initiating a strategic move towards more responsibility in both their natural and social environments (Corporate Social Responsibility).