bullets-89083_960_720Recently, according to news regarding guns used in defense shows some disturbing facts. However, there are ways to counter back the situation. Investigations and study show that lead in the bullets are the main source of destruction. Which is why eco-friendly guns are introduced. How these guns are different from a normal one, is what you must be thinking. Well, like mentioned, eco-friendliness is majorly because of lead free bullets. These guns and bullets help in meeting the goal without destruction, keeping the entity of the environment.

Iraq and Afghanistan Usage Of Weapons

Rifle bullets are used in Iraq and Afghanistan for an eco-friendly bullets. These don’t have leads but have the potential to pierce through shields bringing more harm. Now you see injury cases gotten in notice are more destructive as to the reason of bringing fatal accidents. Henceforth, notion of bringing less harm actually paved its reverse form. As these without lead bullets took a toll on upgraded version in the arm forces.

Are guns eco-friendly?

What do you think is best way to achieve a milestone, goal or plan in terms of defense of a country? Do you think gun is a fair way to deal with the situation? Are lead proof guns more ecofriendly? All these questions hang on the minds of a sane citizen of a progressing country. Answers to it, however, are not too complicated if you deepen the vision to look at them separately. Here are the answers which according to us makes their own conviction statements:

1. In many developed countries, there is a need of maintaining defense system. Goals of each and every country are met with or without any weapon. At least, what they can do is to bring those weapons forward which are least damaging. So, the answer to the first question is pretty much clear.

2. Getting hit by a bullet, either with lead or that which doesn’t contain lead, is detrimental. Therefore, if you fail to get instant help or treatment after receiving a bullet, chances of living alive becomes zero.

3. None of these bullets are ecofriendly. They bring major share of violence in the streets and are as dangerous as any other weapon (used in a war).


All in all, the stance will remain closed on the question put in front of us. And it is; any annihilation caused by guns is so not ecofriendly. And the industry that guns and weapons production support is not even human friendly let alone eco-friendly.