Why United Pepper?

Unique Position

Traditionally, products that are sustainable and Fair Trade are situated in the basic necessities part of the Maslow pyramid. They are food and textile related and help the farming community of the south to develop in a responsible manner.Designer products, on the other hand, are mostly situated in the luxury consumer segment and it has not been broadly accepted by the designer community yet to engage in the use of bio-degradable products .

The design and manufacturing of electronics products has not been able to adapt to the future need of sustainable production and environmentally sound products.United Pepper ‘s value proposition is smart, attractive design, using recyclable materials and production with respect for people..

Research & Development


United Pepper is very much aware that new technologies with regards to electronics, fibers and other new materials will greatly change the future landscape in manufacturing land.

Therefore United Pepper works with technology incubators and universities to obtain a leading edge in this field of expertise.

Company Values


  • Creative Design: young and innovative designs, professional designs, natural products, funny or slick, out of the box thinking.
  • Quality Products: without concessions.
  • Customer Connection and Satisfaction: one cannot satisfy ones customer if one does not know and understand him/her.
  • Ethics: Corporate social responsibility has been engrained in the company DNA since day one of its creation.
  • Continuous Operational Innovation: we welcome competition, and we strive to stay ahead by doing things better and smarter.